Water & Waste looking for partners

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With a decade of experience in the environmental sector,especially environmental technologies and due to its outward-looking character and dedication to environmental protection and promotion of new products and Eco-Technologies, A.Z. SUSTAINABLE MEDIA SERVICES is offering to Greek companies an opportunity to be brought in contact with Serbian companies with the intention of representing their products in Greece. Specifically, some of these products are:

  • PEHD pipes: PE-100 “Borealis” HE3494 –LS

  • Mechanisms for water meters DN15 i DN20

  • Production of industrial armatures i.e. valves, non-return valves with counterweight, safety valves, steel flanges, rubber seals

  • Butterfly valves,

  • Actuators for butterfly valves,

  • Manual lever drive,

  • Manual geared drive,

  • Electric actuators,

  • Pneumatic actuators,

  • Device for signaling the position,

  • Sliding compensators type MDK and MDP,

  • Telescopic compensators type TCK,

  • Swinging check valves,

  • Non-return valves with counterweight,

  • Above-ground hydrant,

  • Universal thread valves for asbestos pipe, type 01,

  • Universal thread valves for asbestos pipe, type 02,

  • Device for drilling the pipeline,

  • Flap valves,

  • Suction strainers,

  • Fittings in steel welded construction up to 2000 mm (in diameter),

  • Steel flanges,

  • Rubber seals,

  • Provide machining services up to 2000 mm (in diameter).

  • For more information, do not hesitate to communicate with us